10 simple rules

Simple baby foods has 10 rules for making weaning easier on parents. Tips and tricks to help your baby become a healthy eater.

10 simple rules

because giving your baby good food is just the first step in teaching your child to eat well...

1.   be diligent.

Children are creatures of habit. We request that you do not feed your child any processed baby food for 1-2 months when you start weaning. If you have started weaning on processed baby foods, slowly phase out them out those by mixing them with SIMPLE or homemade.

2.  be patient.

It can take up to 10 tries before a baby/toddler/child accepts a new taste or texture. According to research it very important to "try & try again."

3.   time well.   

Introduce new foods a the beginning of meal time, when your baby is very hungry.   

4.   be consistent.

Introduce one new food at a time & be sure to also have something the child likes waiting in the wings.  

5.   be mindful. 

Keep neutral about foods that you personally dislike and remember that just because a baby spits out or refuses a food, doesn't mean that they don't "like" it. Babies will copy your reactions.

6.   limit salt & sugar.

Your child is learning to appreciate foods in their whole form. Adding salt and sugar are flavor amplifiers which can lead to craving salt & sugar. Additionally, salt is not good for a baby's kidneys. Salt should be avoided for the most part until the first birthday.

7.   make mealtime rules.

Structure and routine are important in making your baby feel safe. If they learn very early on what to expect at mealtime, it makes the toddler years much easier.

8.   interact.  

Describe your child's food - the taste, texture, color & smell.

9.   have fun & smile.

Leave your anxiety at the door. Keep meal times as stress-free for yourself and your baby as possible. Remember at this stage your child is still getting the needed nutrients from breastmilk or formula.

10.   lead by example.

You are your child's food professor. If you have a genuine appreciation for healthy, well-balanced foods your children will too. It really is as SIMPLE as that!