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10 ways I react to my Star Wars obsessed son & husband

Any other moms feeling like me these days? We only have another year until the movie premieres! Then there will be Star Wars 8 & 9 and... Never. Mind.




The first time I watched the Star Wars 7 trailer:

When I get called from my bedroom when it comes on the TV.  Again.

When my husband says to watch for the Millennium Falcon roll:

When my son asks me what I think of the new Stormtrooper helmets:

When I tell my husband he may be setting himself up for disappointment because he thinks the trailer is amazing:


When I catch them searching the fan boards for the meaning behind the new trailer:

When my husband wants to discuss why the prequels didn't work:

When my husband says he can't wait to see Harrison Ford play an "old Han Solo" and I joke, "Yeah, cause Indiana Jones 4 turned out so well":

When they don't ask me to join in on the Star Wars conversation:

When I watch my husband and son bonding over Star Wars: