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A Simple Story

Friendship to Entrepreneurship

Amy Jo Martin is my partner & advisor in Simple Baby Foods, she could be described as smart, beautiful, funny, renegade, author, game changer or trailblazer to name a few, but I describe her as my friend. When I look back at our journey to this point I'm reminded of something she has posted on her twitter feed, @amyjomartin,  "People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime." 

I can't say I remember the moment I met Amy, although it was in 6th grade when she moved to Bullhead City, Arizona, but I can tell you when she became my friend. Although we had been on the cheerleading squad together as freshmen, something changed for me in our junior year.  I suddenly found myself in a friendship that felt deeper. Maybe it felt that way because we were in fact getting older. Our drivers licenses gave us more freedom, our parents trusted us to go on a girl's ski weekend to Mammoth unsupervised and our ideas of who we were going to be were forming. Our adolescence and adulthood were coming together. We discussed the big ideas. Life, boys, fears, hopes... Hopes. In our senior year, I graduated early and sprinted toward Hollywood. Amy went to college. We lost touch. It seemed as though the dynamic, crafty, imaginative teenager who had introduced me to who my adult self would be was only meant to be in my life for a season.

10 years later, Facebook reconnected us. She was at the Phoenix Suns getting ready to make her entrepreneurial move to Digital Royalty & I was just off of a television show and starting to open my first business. Our lives, while different, seemed to be mirroring each other. The questions we were asking ourselves also seemed to be mirroring each other. What was really important in life? The innocent days of the sleepovers were gone. We weren't talking about our faraway dreams anymore, we were talking about how we were going to make very real ideas a reality. We weren't talking about boys, we were talking about our husbands and our roles as wife and what that meant. I can't begin to tell you the strength I gathered from Amy over the next 3 years, but it definitely seemed like there was a reason we had connected again. Amy shepherded me through a dark time, and was always there to hold the flashlight. I think I did the same for her.

The reason and the season are turning out to be a lifetime. Our friendship did lead to our partnership in Simple Baby Foods, but I think it was our entrepreneurial spirit that led to the deeper connection in our friendship. To say that I am lucky to have Amy as a partner is an understatement... I mean, she is kind of a creative genius (I definitely got the good end of the partner deal). But what I really am and will forever be is grateful for my friend - The incomparable Amy Jo.