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An overview of Simple baby foods in-home service bundles. The basic bundle, blends stage 1 and stage 2, proteins stage 1 and stage 2 and a build your own option. You can also add extras such as just fruits, just vegetables or let us teach you. A description of our do-it-yourself pouch packages for parents who like to make their own homemade baby food.

invest in your child's future eating habits.

Our basics bundle (left to right top): organic pear, organic green beans, organic butternut squash (left to right bottom): organic sweet potato, organic apple, organic pea

monthly bundles:

*Please see our full ingredient list here. **Organic is subject to availability, please see here for more information.

To learn more about the stage your baby is at please:

extra service options:

let us teach you.

  • purchase any bundle 

  • we will show you how to make it step by step and give you that bundle's recipes

  • COST: $50


  • purchase a bundle

  • 12 pack/3 pouches of each: apple, pear, mango, peach

  • COST: $40


  • purchase a bundle

  • 12 pack/3 pouches of each: butternut squash, carrot, sweet potato, parsnip

  • COST: $40

free parent tasting.

  • make an appointment to hear about our philosophy

  • try samples of our food and of leading dry shelf brands


gift certificates.

  • our service is the perfect baby shower or new baby gift!

  • available from $25 and up

  • sent to you digitally

incentive program.

  • first bundle you buy is full price

  • second consecutive bundle/month receives a 5% discount

  • third consecutive bundle/month onward receives a 10% discount

  • host a parent tasting party (5 or more guests) and receive 10% off your order

  • recommend a client who buys a bundle & receive 15% off your next bundle

  • the pride of knowing you have helped a child who otherwise would not be eating wholesome first foods