buy one, donate one

Simple baby foods is a buy one, donate one company. For every bundle sold we donate a bundle to a low-income family in the community. We work with Food Finders to find families eligible for our bundle placement

For every bundle that you purchase, SIMPLE donates the same bundle to a low-income family in your city. At SIMPLE we believe that  every baby should have the healthiest baby food available regardless of income bracket and that we are all in it together. 

how it works:

Once every three months, we throw a give back party. SIMPLE tallies all the bundles that have been sold and then rents a commercial kitchen to make the matching orders. Anyone can volunteer to join us in making the orders. After all our bundles have been made, the non-profit Food Finders delivers the month's worth of food to pre-selected low-income families.   

no baby, but you still want to donate?

If you buy a bundle but don't have a child or aren't buying the service as a gift - we will donate 2 bundles to 2 low-income families. Being the good samaritan you are we still feel like you deserve a little something and will send you our SIMPLE t-shirt.

the fine print:

We want to make sure that our customers realize that just because we are a buy one, donate one company does not mean that you, our client, is entirely picking up the slack. As a matter of fact, if we didn't have this program your cost would not be that different. SIMPLE does not make a profit on the donated portion of your bundle's price. SIMPLE also supplies additional food costs, the cost of the commercial kitchen, packaging and our time for our "give back day" at no charge to you.