how the service works

An overview of how the Simple baby foods in-home service works. Also highlights Simple baby foods company philosophy.

our motto:

six months of first foods lasts a lifetime.

our mission:

SIMPLE baby foods mission is to give parents a healthier & fresher organic choice between the time-consuming process of making their own purees and the low quality, commercially processed supermarket products. We aim to provide education on the impact first foods have on a child's life. 

our service:

SIMPLE baby foods is a service in which a simplifier will:

1. come to your home with fresh, organic groceries.

2. cook & puree the baby food bundle you choose, in your kitchen.

3. freeze your purees in our custom BPA-free spout pouches or ice cube trays.

4. clean up before we leave (seriously, spic 'n span!).

having doubts?

why do you cost more than grocery store baby food?

Grocery store baby food is mass-produced, cooked at high temperatures and designed to sit on unrefrigerated store shelves for up to two years. Grocery store baby food also has 1/2 the nutritional value per pouch as homemade. SIMPLE buys fresh, organic groceries from the store, brings them to your house, cooks 6 different food varieties in each bundle, utilizes our simplifier's equipment and expertise and provides you with re-usable baby food pouches. This baby food is custom-made just for your little. We save you time and deliver a superior product.

what makes your pouches special?

We have worked with a prototyping company to design unique, convenient and safe packaging. Our pouches are transparent, because we believe it is important for a baby to be connected to the food they are eating. This is a feature you won't find in any other pouches.   They are made from BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic. They are reusable, freezable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.  

why can't I just make baby food myself?

You can! If you have the time and the desire to do it yourself, we are certain that you will come up with good results. If this is the path you choose to go down, we offer our custom reusable pouches for sale on their own. 

once I start this service, will I be able to stop it?

After purchasing the first bundle there is no ongoing commitment. SIMPLE is not a subscription-based service or one that you are going to need once your child is weaned. You can choose to use us for just one month or through the 6 months (give or take) of the weaning stages.   

why can't I have just a few days worth of food?

You can! Check out our first time customer special offer... 15 pouches to see what we are all about! After that, our bundle service contains 30 pouches. We are unable to offer ongoing smaller bundles for a couple of reasons... First, the increased cost of multiple visits would have to be passed on to the customer and we're trying to keep the price down. Second and more importantly, we would prefer that you use our food exclusively for at least a month because when teaching children how to appreciate nutritious food, it makes a parent's job harder if they mix and match processed, commercial foods and homemade.