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Nicole talked the importance of homemade baby foods on and showed how to make a delicious New Years recipe of pork tenderloin, black eyed peas & collard greens. For the full recipe see out here.

I have never known baby food to smell so delicious.
— Cristina Ferrare
It’s very flavorful!
— Mark Steines
That’s amazing!
— Debbie Matenopoulos

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I love knowing exactly where my baby girl’s food is coming from - and it’s all organic to boot! Thank you Simple Baby Foods for delivering this healthy spread for Olive. Also for making my life waaaay easier!
— Marla Sokoloff, actress & mom
I think it’s safe to say Hutt is loving his Simple Baby Foods. The kid is eating everything and loving it and best yet, it’s organic & homemade!! Thanks for making it easy and teaching me the basics Nicole!! Hutt is an eating machine! And so nice knowing what I’m giving him, wish I had done it sooner!
— Beverley Mitchell, actress & mom
I don’t know who is more spoiled - me or Wilder! A HUGE thank you to Simple Baby Foods for making this amazing, homemade, organic bundle of baby food. #madewithlove #happybabyhappymommy
— Cacee Cobb, mom
Thank you Nicole & Simple Baby Foods for teaching me about baby nutrition and what’s best for my Coco!
— Terri Seymour, host & mama

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I don’t know what I would do without Simple Baby Foods. I’m a stay-at-home working mom with very little extra time. I also have bad eating habits and zero cooking skills. The Simple Baby Food pouches save my life! I know that whether I have a conference call around lunch time or the nanny is watching him, he will be eating a healthy, home cooked, organic meal full of all the vitamins and nutrition he needs. And the proof is in the numbers, at his 9 month check up his doctor said his blood count was the healthiest of the day! I will be using Simple for all of my future children!
— A. Kiernan
What do I like about Simple’s pouches? EVERYTHING. I have found this product to be every Grandmother’s dream who babysits for her grandchildren. It has definitely made my babysitting experience so much more delightful with my grandchildren. Let’s say I will be baby-sitting for 2 days, my daughter gives me 6 pouches and instructs me to their use, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 snacks. This gives me about 2 more hours a day of entertaining and enjoying my grandson, rather than preparing his meals the old fashioned way (over a stove).
When it is meal time, I put the pouches in the micro-wave for 2 minutes or so, open the zip lock at the bottom and serve his meal in a bowl. For the dessert or snack, I open the top portion of the pouch and he can slurp it out. This makes him feel quite independent. What a miracle!
— S. Ayalde