Purees & Pricing - baby food service

Our puree menu for stage 1 & stage 2 eaters as well as the pricing of our service.

our purees

we serve los angeles county


our pricing

Your service includes 4 hours of our cooking. You may choose to include up to 2 extra purees in your service but these will require more time. On average each additional puree will take an additional 30 minutes. We are happy to do substitutions or really any protein, vegetable or fruit you would like. Simply include it in the notes section of your order.


simple's bundle

pick any 6 items from our menu and we will cook you 1 ice cube tray or 5 pouches of each. time included for this bundle is 4 hours. re-usable trays or pouches are included in the 1st order only. if you choose all complex purees the allotted time may be subject to an extra time charge.

price: 175 + cost of organic groceries 


beginner's bundle

in this bundle you will receive 6 reusable ice cube trays of the perfect beginner foods + a schedule of feeding for the first month of weaning & information packet.

the trays you will receive are:

apple, pear, butternut squash, carrot, green bean & sweet potato

price: 135 + cost of groceries 



first time customer bundle

choose 3 different purees from our basics, blends 1 or blends 2 menu and receive 1 tray of each or 5 pouches

price: 50 (there are no additional charges)


groceries: We will give you the grocery receipt upon service. You may choose if you would like all organic products or not. Normal grocery cost is from $35 to $75. The more proteins you order the more expensive your grocery bill will be. If you choose 6 proteins in your bundle, it is very likely your cost will be above $75.

additional time: $25 per additional 30 minutes

6 reusable ice cube trays: $10

reusable pouches: $15 for 30