frequently asked questions

Simple baby foods answers all your questions about our in-home baby food service and spout pouches.

How does it work?

A: To book an appointment, simply fill in the appointment time you would like on our SIMPLE calendar and pay a $75 deposit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your date and time. Our simplifier will be at your house at your scheduled time, bringing with them the groceries and equipment needed for us to make your baby's food. Our simplifier will then cook the food and leave the 6 ice cube trays or 30 custom pouches in your home's freezer. We always clean up after ourselves.

How far in advance should I book an appointment?

A.   We request that you book at least 3 days in advance, however if there is an appointment open before that we are always willing to work with you. You can book 3 months ahead of the time you need us, if you would like to guarantee a specific day or week.

How do the extra options to add to a bundle work?

A.  When you have order bundle service, you can add any extras that you see on the menu.

What are your spout pouches made of?

A.  Our pouches are made from BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic.   They are re-usable, freezable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Can I see your ingredients list?

Sure! It is right here.

Do you only use organic fruits, vegetables & meats?

A.   Yes. However, because we grocery shop the day we cook your bundle, organic can be subject to availability. With the exception of one of the dirty dozen vegetables & fruits, if organic is not available the day of your bundle appointment we will buy a non-organic ingredient. If the store is out of the the organic version of one of the "dirty dozen" we will modify the recipe when we get to your kitchen so that the pouch doesn't contain that ingredient.

What are the "dirty dozen"?

The dirty dozen (plus) are the fruits & vegetables with the highest concentration of pesticide load. They are: 

apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach, sweet bell peppers, nectarines (imported), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, snap peas (imported) & potatoes. We also include blueberries on our list. 

For more info on the dirty dozen as well as the clean 15 please click here.

What do I need to do before the baby chef arrives?

A.   Please make sure that there is room in your freezer for storing your pouches & in the refrigerator to cool the purees before we pouch the food. Clean off your kitchen countertops so that we have plenty of space to work.

How long does it take?

A.  Depending on the bundle it should take between 4-5 hours.  

Does the chef clean up?

A.   Yes, our chefs clean up after themselves.

Should I tip?

A.   That is completely up to you! Our Simplifiers are compensated very well for their hard work, but if you would like to give something extra than that is at your discretion and certainly not expected.

How do I cancel?

A.   Give us a call at 818-633-8681. Please see our cancellation policy.

Can I buy a gift card?

A.   Yes! We are the perfect baby gift. You can find them in our shop.

When should I start weaning?

A.   That is a decision to be made with your doctor. The APA recommends the baby be 6 months old, but babies can start weaning as early as 4 months.

I've been feeding my baby grocery store brands - can I introduce your food?

A.   Of course! But because babies don't like change and there is a definite difference in home-cooked baby food and the highly processed supermarket brands, it may take a few weeks of mixing out the processed baby food before your baby accepts our fresh, crisp, clean baby food.

How do I pay?

A.  The booking the service is through Square. If you are booking bundle service, our calendar requires a $75 deposit upon scheduling (full cost for first time customer special offer is due at the time of scheduling). The rest is due when our chef arrives. We can run your credit/debit card through Square, we will also take cash or check upon arrival.

What is the deposit for?

A.   We wish we didn't require a deposit. However, we have to buy the groceries to make your bundle.   The money from the deposit goes directly to those groceries.

Please email us at if you have a different question.