the founders

Simple baby foods was founded by Nicole Tubiola and her business partner, Amy Jo Martin. Nicole was previously the owner of Baby's Belly as well as an actress on ABC Family's Wildfire. Amy Jo is the founder and CEO of Digital Royalty.

nicole tubiola

founder & ceo

Growing up in a family of restauranteurs and working at her family's Italian restaurants from the age of 8, Nicole's young life was shaped by delicious food, dance and theater. She moved to Los Angeles to become an actress when she was 18 years old, and appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including four seasons of ABC Family's, "Wildfire". 

Like most parents her life changed in the best possible ways with the birth of her son in 2007. While making his baby food she realized that parents did not have a choice between processed first foods or making the baby food themselves. Knowing that research showed that healthy eating habits can be established by the age of 2, Nicole opened "Baby's Belly", a fresh baby food delivery service in 2008 in the hopes of making babies healthier & parents happier!  After 3 years in business and selling 400 lbs of baby purees a month, Nicole believed the idea was going to need to evolve in order to create a handmade baby food revolution. She is very excited to bring the SIMPLE in-home baby food service & philosophy to cities across America, as well as help moms who are already making their own baby foods with products to support them in their endeavors! 

Nicole resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband & son. Her favorite things are: her family, girl's night, good food and a glass of pinot grigio. Yes. In that order.

      Nicole and her son Quinn.  Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Hodges.

     Nicole and her son Quinn.  Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Hodges.


amy jo martin

partner &  advisor

Amy Jo has been an entrepreneur for the past five years. Through her entrepreneurial journey she has realized that where passion, purpose and skill collide, bliss resides. She has a passion for empowering other women entrepreneurs and has recently started investing in them so they too can reach their “bliss”.

Amy Jo, author of New York Times Bestseller Renegades Write the Rules, founded Digital Royalty five years ago to help companies, celebrities, professional sports leagues, teams and athletes build, measure and monetize their digital universe.

Amy Jo herself has 1.1 million Twitter followers @AmyJoMartin and she travels the world to speak about the latest trends on innovation and social communication. She has helped many people successfully build their personal brand by utilizing social communication tools.

She spends part of her time living on a boat in San Diego where her pet seal, Jay Zeus, resides. The other portion of her time is spent living in Downtown Las Vegas.